Cast Iron Components

Grede makes the grade when it comes to cnc machining. They are the top contenders in the United States for the production of cast-iron components. Their focus is to create the most lightweight materials for agricultural trucks, commercial vehicles, cars and lightweight trucks. Making vehicle components lighter means vehicles will consume less fuel and save both truck operators and consumers lots of money.

cnc machining; picture courtesy of

cnc machining; picture courtesy of

Grede not only works on the manufacturing side of things, they also manage the supply chain. The company’s customers know how important it is to have quality supply chain managers because much of the responsibility is given to the suppliers. Grede maintains successful supplier relationships and manages everything from basic logistics to packaging arrangements and shipping. This ensures that the company’s growth continues and also ensures that customer expectations and requirements are met.

The company has the engineering experience and advanced knowledge to meet any of their client’s needs for casting materials. Their repertoire includes, but is not limited to, ductile and gray iron, green sand and lost foam.

The lost foam casting process combined complex patterns into a simple, single whole that allows for a variety of uses in the automotive and machine industry. During the casting process, molten metal follows precisely the foam’s pattern to create any specific part needed. Traditional casting processes do not compare to the cost saving measures that lost foam takes.

In summary, Grede is fast becoming one of the most critical and leading manufacturers and supply chain manager for complex castings in the country.