How to Get Rid of Bad Dishwasher Odors

dishwasher illustration

dishwasher illustration

No one wants to load dishes into a dishwasher that has a bad odor. The thought of having dishes coming out smelling foul is a major problem. There are some simple solutions to get rid of bad odors and make your appliance a sanitary helper once again.

What causes bad odors in the dishwasher?
There are times that heavy metals and minerals in the water can give a dishwasher a distinct odor, but the really foul smells are caused by food particles that have not made their way completely out of the unit. Check to make sure there are no clogs in the drain line, although usually, these are obvious from a backup of water on the floor. Cleaning is the best option in getting rid of bad odors.

Baking Soda and Vinegar Cure
Vinegar and baking soda can do wonders in getting rid of foul odors, plus most people have these products on hand. Place a small dishwasher safe bowl on the top rack of the empty appliance. Add 1-cup of white vinegar to the bottom of the bowl. Run the dishwasher for a short cycle. Remove the bowl and sprinkle a half cup of baking soda to the bottom of the appliance and run for another short cycle. This should e3liminate the odor from the dishwasher.

Market Cleaning and Deodorizing Products
There are a few products sold at general merchandise stores to combat the odors left behind in the dishwasher. There are both powders and liquids. Follow the directions for each individual product, as these will vary by brand and type. Try not to use more at one time than the directions call for, or you could have leftover residue in the appliance. These products are suggested to use once a week.

Total Clean of the Dishwasher
Scrubbing the inside of the dishwasher from top to bottom will do more to combat odors than nearly anything you can try chemically. Pull the drain filter at the bottom and thoroughly clean the screen material. Scrub each rack, top, and bottom with a rag that has mild dish detergent and warm water. Avoid harsh chemicals like chlorine bleach. Vinegar will kill germs and is generally less potent in fumes. Run the dishwasher through a short cycle once you have cleaned the inside. Remember to replace the bottom drain screen.

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