How to rid your house of pests naturally

green pest control illustration

green pest control illustration

You should never underestimate the amount of damage that pests can cause to your property. Termites can undermine the entire wooden structure of your home, if they are not dealt with. And rats often chew through electricity cables. Pests can also cause health problems for anyone who lives in your property. For instance, mice can spread salmonella.

If you take into account the damage that can be caused, and the health issues that can occur, you can start to see why you need to deal with pests as quickly and efficiently as possible. You may be wary of seeking help from pest control experts, due to the chemicals they use. The good news is that there are now specialists in green pest control, who can discuss safe methods of pest elimination with you. There are also natural methods of pest control that you may want to try yourself.

Controlling pests the natural way
You may want to try out some, or all, of these natural methods to help rid your home of pests.
• Use food-grade Diatomaceous Earth. This can be spread around parts of your home where pests are gaining access. The product damages the exoskeletons of insects, and leads to their death.
• Make use of mint leaves. These leaves are useful for deterring ants and flies.
• Try using soap and water. This is another solution that causes damage to the exoskeletons of insects. All you have to do is spray the soap and water at them.
• Use Nematodes to kill termites. These microscopic worms are deadly, as far as termites are concerned.

These are some of the best natural methods to use, if you want to get rid of pests from your home. You may also want to put some thought into preventing pest problems from happening.

Preventing pests from invading your home
There is always the chance that pests will get into your property. But, there are actions you can take which make it less likely that this will happen.
• Brush up leaves from the exterior of your property. If you do not do this the leaves could build up enough to trap water. It’s this type of damp area which can attract termites to your property.
• Do not plant bushes or shrubs too close to your home. They make it easier for pests to gain access, by acting as a springboard. It’s a good idea to keep a one foot gap around your property.
• Do not leave gaps in the exterior walls of your home. If you spot any, they should be filled in straight away. This stops pests from entering through them.
• Do not leave food scraps lying around in your home, and make sure that food preparation surfaces are kept clean.

Employing these measures can make it less likely that you will experience a problem with pests in your home. If any pests do get in, you may be successful using any of the natural pest control methods we suggested. If this is not the case, it’s important to seek expert assistance, as soon as possible.