New Modern Neutral Colors

New Modern Neutral Colors

New Modern Neutral Colors

There’s a new trend that has appeared in the world of interior design – new and modern neutral shades.

In modern interior design trends are like in fashion runways, there’s always a new, trendy color that paints the season we are in. And we are not talking about boring beige shades, but new neutral colors, that are light, pleasing to the eye and match with any decor. Neutral colors and flexible and classical. And today while we focus on two very popular neutral colors, it is important to know that every color can be neutral when it is used properly.

The new grey

When we think of grey, we immediately think of a boring gray day, but gray doesn’t have to be dark because that is not the color we want in your home. Instead, a new grey that is appearing is modern, clean and really has the tendencies to brighten up every room.

Grey has become a neutral color that every designer wants to experiment with. Most importantly, you have to choose the right shade of grey. Choosing the wrong shades can create a boring, dark room. To choose the right shade of grey you have to take into account many factors, like natural lighting, furniture and decor.

New green

Today we are not talking about the dark green color that is mixed with deep Burgundy tones which was actual in the 80’s, or lime green that was popular during the 70’s. New green is a color that is soft and adds unexpected tones that remain neutral. This new neutral green goes with every decor from traditional to modern. It comes in many shades – it can appear as cold or warm. Anyway, it is truly incredible for every space.

Choosing the right shade of green

Green shades have always been popular, because colors that can be found in nature are always right. Green calms and brings energy, depending on the tones. When you choose green for your interior you have to be careful, because nobody wants to feel like they are living in a hospital ward. To avoid the cold look, we suggest to use green in rooms that face north and choose green-yellow warmer tones.

Green can also be lively if you add accents in brightly colored shades like red and yellow.

Green and grey are currently the most modern neutral colors that can be used in your interior. Don’t be afraid, colors some samples on your walls and live with them a few days, watching how the colors change during the day. It would be a good idea to use the samples in rooms in which you have certain light altering tools, like Roman blinds, because they can help you adjust the amount of light you want falling on your samples. In the end choose a neutral color that opens up your space and allows the rest of your decor to come to life. As you can see you can’t go wrong with neutral colors, they are classical.