Small Room Look Bigger with This Tips

The increasing price of property today makes people prefer buying small houses in order to get an affordable house. In a small house, the rooms are relatively small. Although you live in a small house, it does not mean you always feel cramped or stuffy. The following are some tips to make a narrow small room look larger and airy.

Large Furniture

large furniture but not many

large furniture but not many –

Typically people filled small rooms with many small furniture. However, if you want to make this room look larger, it is better using larger furniture but only use fewer of them. For a small living room, you can put a regular size sofa, a single side chair, and large ottoman that also function as coffee table rather than fit in using sofa, ottoman, chairs, side tables, and coffee table. If you still have some space, put an armoire for storage or other closed storage types. Avoid using many small pieces. Only use furniture and items you need

Use Furniture As Needed

Use same color tone furnitures

Use same color tone furnitures

In addition of using larger furniture but fewer, there are some other important things to consider.
– Try having one or two furniture using same color as your walls. This trick will make furniture blend in, so it makes room feel bigger.
– A large upholstered seating will looks lighter and provide a sense of space when the legs are raised.
– Use acrylic or glass furniture such as ghost chairs and waterfall tables. They make rooms look less crowded.

Eliminate Clutter
Clutter is something that must be avoided for a small room. Keep small items in boxes or storage baskets. Avoid put excessive accessories. Do not let books and newspaper lying on the table. In small room, the smallest clutter will influence the overall look of your room.

Apply Fabrics and Light Colored

light color bedroom

light color bedroom –

Choose light colors to make small room look bigger. Shades of white, pastels, and light neutrals are best to provide a feeling airiness and openness. Keep using that are lightweight for fabrics such as linen and cotton. Avoid choosing heavy fabrics like wools and velvet.

Optimize Natural Light

use mirror wisely

use mirror wisely –

One of the most important elements for any room is good lighting and natural light is the best. Maximize the natural lighting you have got. Choose light window treatment in both fabric and color. You can hang curtains outside window frame. Therefore, when curtains are open, the window is not covered. Install a mirror on wall across from the location of window. Mirror helps reflecting natural light and makes the room look bigger and brighter