The very best investment of time and capital the customer can make

gas station illustration

gas station illustration

Gas station ownership can prove to be a very profitable investment in California, where virtually all regions of the state are traversed by local residents, visitors flocking to sites from the mountains to the ocean shore, the great number of business and industry vehicles crisscrossing the state, and so on. Gas stations need to be just about everywhere to provide service to all these vehicles.

With the idea of opening a new gas station in mind, it’s possible that a location has been picked out, as well as the size and scope of services that station will provide. Simply selling gas these days has gone by the wayside, as profitable stations now feature pretty well-stocked convenience stores, and in some stations, car washes. These features at the station are the real money makers, and now have to be integrated into the business plan if profits are to be realized. Potential station owners can make such determinations themselves, or bring in a consultant to assist them in preliminary planning, and all the steps that follow to get this station up and running. With this important factor in mind, experts in the field need to be brought in to take over this stage of development.

Acknowledging the great importance in bringing in a professional, highly experienced and reputable company to assist with the myriad responsibilities associated with this venture, customers should go to an internet search engine and enter gas station contractors california. Here, they can view and have access to a number of sites of superior-quality gas station contractors in the state, like Fastech, who specialize in this field, and cover all facets in construction, repairs, compliance testing, and system upgrades, among other vital services.

Leading companies assist with estimating, design and engineering, permitting, and property management. They will then take care of construction and installation, performing maintenance and testing. Their expertise will include underground and above ground storage tanks, double-wall containment, leak detection and monitoring, POS, and vapor recovery systems.

Customers should ensure that the right company has superintendants, construction managers, and field crew technicians with certification in ICC, OSHA, and API. Company personnel should continue to maintain, and if situations dictate, re-certify in necessary manufacturer and factory certifications in order to start-up, install, and service all types of fuel systems and state-of-the-art equipment.

Getting the right contracting company on board through every step of this process can be the wisest move the potential gas station owner can make. Expert help ‘in tow’ while the project is still in the planning stages may be the very best investment of time and capital the customer can make in this rather involved and complex business venture.